Write for Us!

Write for Us!

So, you think your articles have what it takes to grace our site? Very well then.

If you have something to write about the latest news involving Hollywood stars, sports personalities, even politicians who figured in car accidents, then we want you to guest post for us. Accordingly, here are some important tips that would get your article posted in our site:

Mind your grammar. Of course, just because we’re bloggers doesn’t mean we’re licensed to be lousy writers (definitely not!). As such, we expect your article to be in total conformity with grammar rules (read: 100 percent grammatically correct). This is because not only will your article sound pleasing to readers with very good grasp of grammar, it will also make Google happy.

Be original. Who likes plagiarized content? Not us, definitely! Hence, we implore all our contributors to submit only articles that are uniquely their own. Keep in mind that there are lots of good plagiarism checking tools such as Copyscape that we could conveniently use to track down ‘content usurpers’ (read: plagiarists). Submit to us a plagiarized content and you surely won’t have a second chance at having future guest articles published. Also, make sure that the article you’re submitting hasn’t been published anywhere else, including your blog!

Write in a friendly manner.
Your guest post must be easy to read and is evidently well-written. Hence, mind your grammar, tone, diction, and the like—all these go hand in hand in making an article publishable and yes, reader-friendly.

Hit the word count range.
Just like in almost any other blogs, we likewise require guest posts to be written within a definite word count range. In our case, it’s 400 minimum and 700 maximum, including the title.

Only 1 backlink to your blog or website. Sure, we understand that most writers/bloggers wishing to have their articles published in another blog are primarily looking for quality backlinks to increase their sites’ traffic and to build their online credentials. But, we don’t want your posts to be obviously self-promoting, with loads of backlinks all throughout the body of your guest article. Hence, we limit our guest bloggers to just one backlink to their website or blog, preferably included in their short bio (which, of course, is a must for every guest blogger).

Provide a short bio.
This is, of course, dead given. Your bio should include your full name, your website/blog’s name/title, as well as pertinent info about yourself, like what makes you tick and which Hollywood hottie you fancy (okay, that last one’s just a joke). Note: don’t write a kilometric bio, something like over 100 words and 10 paragraphs. We prefer something in the 20- to 30-word range.

Write fresh. By this, we mean you should only write news articles about recent car crashes involving Hollywood personalities. If you must cite past events, make sure that you have a recent Hollywood celebrity car crash news story on which to anchor them.

Make it visual, if possible. By now, you probably know all too well the power of photographs, especially in social media sites (particularly Tumblr and Pinterest) and online content. But, should you decide to include photos in your guest article, make sure that they are yours, or, if not, that you provide the webpage URL of the website or blog where you got them. We don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement for our unauthorized use of exclusive photographs and images (and we’re damn sure neither do you).

Let’s help each other. If you happen to keep a high-quality personal injury, employment, or Social Security blog site, wouldn’t it be better if we’d be able to help each other out? We’d post your articles on our site and you’d let us post ours on yours. Since our sites have different sets of followers, we could help each other build both of our blogs’ credentials, credibility, and increase our traffic. Nevertheless, do not take it as a requirement for you to be able to guest post on our blog.

Follow our submission format. For purposes of organization and ease of checking, we require guest posts to be submitted in .txt, .doc, or .docx format, either in Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Verdana font type, font size 12, justified. Corresponding photographs, meanwhile, should satisfy the following specifications: maximum image size, 32mb; dimensions, 300 x 190 pixels; format, .jpeg. (Note: Although a well-written article could make your submission stand on its own, we still prefer guest posts with corresponding photographs or images already attached.) Lastly, email your photos and guest article to:  anneroberts.mesrianilaw@gmail.com with the subject ‘Guest Post Article.’

So, that’s basically it.
Just follow these guidelines and you can look forward to seeing your guest post published in our site. Should there be any problem with your submission, we’ll be more than glad to shoot you an email to let you know so you could fix the issues and re-submit your post.

Happy writing!

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