WWE’s John Cena Allowed to Fight after His Car Accident

One of WWE’s most popular stars, John Cena, was allowed to fight the same night after his car accident in Philadelphia.

According to reports, Cena has been involved in a three–car accident in Philadelphia the early morning before his scheduled fight against Mark Henry.

The incident happened when Cena and his team were doing an early morning media event in connection with the upcoming event later that night. Cena’s driver, Jules Anderson stated that the said accident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. while they were traveling bounded east on Rt. 76 in Philadelphia.

Anderson said that an Acura, which was subsequently rear ended by a tractor trailer, rear-ended their car. Cena’s SUV incurred damages as well as the Acura, but at least nobody sustained personal injuries.

Although Cena insisted that he was fine, he was still examined by the WWE medical personnel at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Centerbefore he was permitted to pursue on the scheduled fight that night.

Cena further stated that he had been into plenty of car accidents before. Therefore, he wouldn’t let the said crash to prevent him from competing with the world’s strongest man that night.

According to WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson, Cena is a bit shaken up and sustained whiplash-type injuries, but the latter feels good. Sampson added that in a couple of days, that’s when Cena will experience neck stiffness and pain.

Eventually, Cena was cleared to compete the same night. However, the federation’s medical personnel still kept an eye on him.

Andersons stated that the Cenation Commander in Chief’s celebrity may have helped the tension between the two drivers to cool down after arguing regarding the incident. Anderson added that once he informed the other two drivers that he was driving for the former 12-time World Wrestling Champion, John Cena, moods switched. Cena during the time of the accident was on a phone meeting.

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