Rapper Tyga Crashes Exotic Car; Posts Pics on Instagram

Photo is a screenshot of Tyga’s Instagram post.

Recent news reports revealed that rising rapper Tyga crashed his exotic car in the middle of an unknown desert location.

Apparently, the incident was not immediately made public and fans were only informed following the rapper’s post regarding the incident in his Instagram account.

As reported, Tyga managed to escape unscathed and even took photos of his mangled white Lamborghini Aventador in the middle of nowhere. As shown on the photo posted online, the expensive piece of metal was rested against some large rocks in a snowy area.

It is yet unknown how the rapper was able to drive his car in such road condition.

Subsequently, after the incident, he took to his Instagram account to tell his fans about the incident. In his own words which were quoted below, he said:

“Just crashed my lambo. Thank God for the seatbelt.”

Although the car’s exterior seemed undamaged, its mechanical parts that have reached the ground are likely to cost him some big money.

Incidentally, Tyga’s prior records revealed that he had been arrested in New York last January after he was linked to four other traffic mishaps, including reckless driving. In fact, previous reports claimed that he was jailed for several hours following his arrest.

Further reports claimed that Tyga was previously seen driving his custom Golden Chrome Audi R8. Therefore, it is not yet sure whether the Lamborghini was his own or was just rented.

Unfortunately, it seems like having an exotic car wrecked in a car crash is becoming a trend these days, particularly among Hollywood celebrities and other public figures.

Meanwhile, although a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyerunderstands it when car lovers say that there is no point of owning an exotic car if you would not take advantage of its speed, he argued that lack of skills and non-observance of safe driving measures will bring a high-end vehicle owner nowhere but the hospital or worse, the morgue.

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