Lindsay Lohan Spotted in another Car Accident Minutes after Her Shopping Spree

Last Wednesday, the troubled young star was again spotted in a minor car accident at Sunset Boulevard in Western Los Angeles.

According to reports, the accident occurred minutes after Lohan’s shopping spree in a Chanel store in Beverly Hills when her Porsche struck a silver Ford Mustang that was waiting at a red light in Sunset Boulevard.

The female passenger of the car that was struck by Lohan’s car claimed in an interview that a male who had been with Lohan during the time of the accident asked for an apology for the minor accident. She said that the two immediately fled from the scene to evade the paparazzi who are chasing them.

Nevertheless, before speeding away, the female driver and the guy were able to exchange insurance info for car accident claim purposes. Also the guy left her a contact number since he and Lohan had to leave immediately, added the female passenger.

The damage incurred by the Mustang was minimal while it is not yet determined whether Lohan’s car sustained any damage at all. An entertainment news online website allegedly spotted Lohan in the actual accident scene. Therefore, it was able to obtain photos from the incident.

Lohan’s recent car accident was far similar from her previous accident last 8, in which her car was totally wrecked and left her hospitalized.

Seriously, Lohan is already making history as a Hollywood celebrity in a series of car accidents. Obviously, someone needs to take Lohan’s car keys away from her since she can’t seem to avoid sending herself and her Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer as well into hot water.


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