Lindsay Lohan’s Inconsistent Story Regarding Her Recent Vehicle Accident

After her recent vehicle accident, Lindsay Lohan keeps on telling inconsistent details regarding the crash. In fact, her story is getting more complicated according to reports.

The troubled “Mean Girls” star is more likely to head back to jail after allegedly lying about what really happened in a June 8 car crash with a truck. Also, the 18-wheeler truck driver was said to be preparing to file a lawsuit against Lohan to ask for compensation.

More than a week ago, Lohan was traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles when her rented Porsche crashed into an 18-wheeler truck, reports said.

Initially, Lohan claimed that her assistant was driving the Porsche when the accident occurred, but the assistant denied Lohan’s claim. Also, several witnesses testified that Lohan’s assistant was seen exiting on the passenger’s seat.

There were also reports saying that the truck cut off Lohan’s car, which resulted to the collision.

Later on, Lohan admitted that she was driving the car during the accident but she blamed the accident to the brake of the rented car, which, according to her, failed to work properly.

Meanwhile, the truck driver, identified only as James, claimed that Lohan even tried to offer him money right at the accident scene for a settlement but he turned down the offer.

What worsens Lohan’s predicament was when subsequent investigation found an open container of alcohol in her car’s trunk. Fortunately for her, Lohan was clear of any trace of alcohol in her system. Furthermore, in California, it is not a violation to travel with an open alcohol container in your car as long as there was no alcohol found in your blood.

Apparently, Lohan’s car accident attorney in Los Angeles will be having a hard time dealing with the actress’ most recent vehicle accident. Most probably, the troubled star’s probation will be cancelled and the actress will be definitely behind bars again if she still continues threading lies.


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