Ex-98 Degrees Member, Pregnant Wife Involved in Minor Vehicle Accident

Former 98 Degrees band member, Nick Lachey, and his pregnant wife, Vanessa Minnillo, were allegedly involved in a minor vehicle accident in an airport before taking off to Sydney Australia.

According to reports, the couple’s vehicle was driven by their chauffeur in an airport when the accident happened last March 25. Their driver apparently drove around a vehicle, which was driven by All American Rejects’ bassist, Matt Rubano.

The couple’s car scraped the back left side of Rubano’s car, who was picking up his girlfriend, Jennifer Charlton.

Witnesses said that Rubano confronted the couple’s driver about the said fender bender, while Lachey’s pregnant wife didn’t seem too happy about the incident.

Carlton stated in an interview that during the confrontation, the couple’s driver looked so tensed and shaky, since Lachey and Minnillo were at the back of the car. Probably, it was because the driver knew very well that he was the one who was at fault.

While Rubano was fetching his girlfriend, the couple on the other hand was scheduled to attend an event in Syndey, Australia when the accident happened.

Photos captured from the said event in Sydney, Austalia revealed that the couple was okay after the minor vehicle accident.

Aside from the above information, no other details were released following the incident.

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