Eva Longoria – Following Lohan’s Series of Vehicle Accidents

It seems like Eva Longoria is next in line to Lindsay Lohan when it comes to having a series of bad luck over vehicle accidents.

Last October, 2011, Eva was caught in a mishap in West Hollywood Street as she was leaving the parking lot of the salon of the celebrity stylist, Ken Paves. However, the accident was found out to be not her fault.

And now, the Desperate Housewives’ actress was again involved in a minor fender bender in a parking lot somewhere in Los Angeles.

Allegedly, the said accident was actually the second vehicle accident that Longoria was involved into this month. The other one also happened in the same location where she had her first mishap – outside her friend and stylist Ken Paves’ salon. Apparently, it was a horrible birthday-month for the actress.

According to a celebrity news report, Longoria’s most recent accident happened as she was pulling out of a parking lot in her Bentley when the exit barrier did not work properly. Longoria apparently she reversed a bit to look for another exit, not noticing the BMW waiting behind her. As a result, Longoria’s Bentley plowed into the BMW.

Witnesses said that Longoria got out of her car to check out the damages done by the minor fender-bender. Fortunately, luck was on Longoria’s side. While her Bentley was mostly undamaged, the BMW’s hood and front grill were both lifted.

Furthermore, Longoria’s good luck continued, as the driver of the BMW never even gave a bit of concern about the minor damage that his car sustained after the crash. The driver already felt compensated enough after Longoria apologized to him and traded personal information.

Obviously, though Longoria is following Lohan’s bad luck, she is still lucky enough than the latter, since she is never yet sued for any of the vehicle accidents she was involved in.

According to recent news about Lohan’s previous accident, her last victim is asking for $100,000 compensation. Therefore, she will again need her Los Angeles injury lawyerto defend her in her latest lawsuit.


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