Atlanta Brave’s Tommy Hanson Sustained Mild Injuries after Vehicle Accident

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The Atlanta Brave’s right hander, Tommy Hanson, sustained mild concussion and injured his right shoulder after being involved in a vehicle accident.

According to news reports, the 25-year old pitcher was bound to a 9:30 am team meeting last February 20 when his vehicle blew a tire and sent him off the road near Champion Stadium at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Florida.

Hanson couldn’t even remember how and where he hit his head, whether it was on the windshield or on the steering wheel. One thing he was sure of, he tried to get his car to stop.

Despite the injuries he sustained, Hanson still managed to get his wrecked car back to the side of the road and called for a tow truck to load his vehicle and send him to the stadium where the meeting was held.

According to his team mates, during the meeting, Hanson said that he didn’t feel good. Therefore, the team’s medicals staff decided to send Hanson to a doctor to be tested for any concussion.

Fortunately, the test result for possible concussion proved to be negative, a definite good news for everybody particularly for Hanson; on the other hand, his shoulder quickly became worse, which somehow affected his games.

Although Hanson only sustained minor concussion from the said vehicle accident, the Atlanta Braves should take every precaution with Hanson since it can be difficult for players to return from concussion however mild it is.

Apparently, since it was a single vehicle accident, nobody can be blamed for the personal injuries that Hanson sustained from the said vehicle accident. The only possible factor for the incident is a mechanical or technical malfunction of his car. Thus, if this is the scenario, Hanson may file for a product liability claim against the manufacturer of his car, or he may consult first for an experienced lawyer, like a Los Angeles injury lawyer, to better understand the process involved in his claim.


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