Bentley Owned by LA Lakers’ Jordan Hill Crashes in California Condominium Complex

Image gives credit to RMG News.

Los Angeles Lakers’ forward/center Jordan Hill’s Bentley recently got involved in a car accident after it crashed to a condominium complex in California.

Initial investigation found out that the driver of Hill’s Bentley lost control of the vehicle, jumped off the curb and crashed it to a condominium complex in 13900 block of Marquesas Way.

Subsequently, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has confirmed that Hill was neither the driver nor a passenger of his vehicle during the time of the incident. Authorities have identified the driver of the vehicle as Michael Lacey, 26-year-old, along with one passenger. Fortunately, both occupants of the car were not seriously injured. Also, no one from the building was injured, the report said.

Meanwhile, authorities suspected that over-speeding was also a factor to the drunk driving incident. Lacey was arrested following the crash that totaled Hill’s vehicle. Later reports confirmed that Lacey is a long-time friend of Hill and that there were no signs that the car had been stolen.

Until present, no words regarding the incident were yet released from Hill’s party. He just took his twitter account moments after the incident and said giving a hint at the incident:

“I’m good everybody…just a bad decision made by a great dude…thanks black ops for keeping me on the couch at da time Lets get this W doe.”

Incidentally, driving under the influence is the most common reason of car accidents in California, specifically in large cities like Los Angeles. Therefore, this is probably the very first issue regarding traffic rules that state regulators must be focusing, suggested by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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