Ex-NBA Star Mookie Blaylock Seriously Injured in SUV Crash

Daron Blaylock

Image gives credit to WJLA.com

Amidst the tension felt by fans and the players themselves during the recent NBA play-off between Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, a former basketball star was also having a fight of his life in the hospital.

Recent news reports have it that the former basketball star, Daron “Mookie” Blaylock has been critically injured following a car crash in Atlanta.

City officials have revealed that the former sports star was airlifted to the Atlanta Medical Center after his SUV passed over a center divider and then slammed into a moving van in the opposite direction. Further news reports claimed that the female occupant of the other vehicle is believed to have suffered internal bleeding and later succumb to death while the male occupant was later released from the hospital for minor injuries.

Further news reports claimed that Blaylock was initially placed on life support at the hospital but later reports have confirmed that his condition has improved. Thus, his life support was eventually taken off from him.

So far, the cause of the accident is not yet determined as the authorities continue to investigate the incident.

In the last few weeks, two consecutive incidences of car accidents involving NBA players have been featured in this blog. The first accident involved the LA Lakers’ Jordan Hill’s Bentley, which crashed into a condominium complex in California. Thereafter, the second one involved Devin Ebanks of LA Lakers again, when an oblivious female driver smashed into the car where Ebanks and a friend were riding.

Consequently, a Los Angeles car crash attorney is once again renewing her call for motorists to continue practicing safe driving to avoid such traffic mishaps.


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