California Rollover Accident Victim Thanks Grey’s Anatomy Star, Patrick Dempsey

The California teenager who survived from a rollover accident has thanked Grey’s Anatomy star, Patrick Dempsey, for saving his life.

The 17-year-old survivor, Weston Masset, has publicly expressed his gratitude to Dempsey after the actor pulled the teenager from his wrecked car. The young man insisted that he would not be alive if Dempsey was not there to rescue him.

Dempsey, who portrays the role of top neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd in the successful television series Grey’s Anatomy, turned into a real-life hero after saving the teen from a rollover accident in front of his house in Malibu, California.

According to reports, Masset’s Mustang flipped thrice and landed in front of Dempsey’s front yard. Dempsey immediately rushed to the scene upon witnessing the accident. He brought a crow bar and a fire extinguisher in an attempt to free the teen from the mangled car.

After rescuing the young man, Dempsey later called paramedics, as well as the young man’s mother to inform her about the incident.

The young man escaped death, having only a concussion and an eye injury. Therefore, to his gratefulness, Masset expressed his gratitude publicly to let people know how Dempsey saved him from a life-threatening situation.

Rollover accidents are so far one of the most fatal kind of accidents that may happen in all types of vehicles, particularly the larger ones. In fact, based on National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s (NHTSA) yearly statistics, more than 280,000 rollover accidents occur each year, with some 10,000 lives claimed annually.

Apparently, Masset was very fortunate for having someone like Dempsey who was willing to risk his own life just to save someone he doesn’t even know. It is not all the time that there would be a Good Samaritan who is willing to save the day for a complete stranger. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney is quite impressed with Dempsey’s Good Samaritan deed.


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