Speeding Kate Gosselin Caught by Pennsylvania Trooper

While there’s evidently, no car crash in sight for this post, I wanted to write about Kate Gosselin and join in the bandwagon— well, not really. But this does seem to be interesting news about the much beleaguered mother of eight.


Kate Gosselin, with her kids on the vehicle, was pulled over for speeding! The infamous mom of eight was allegedly going 15 miles over the posted speed limit in her SUV. Reports claim that she was driving as fast as 70 mph.

Kate was cited by a Pennsylvania trooper and had to pay the $109.50 fine.

While it’s true that different states have different speed limits (California has a Basic Speed Limit Law), it is always best to drive only as fast as it is safely possible. Especially when you’re driving with kids!

What’s the rush Kate? Nothing is worth your kids’ safety and security. Know your limits on the road and basically, everywhere else.


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