NBA’s Rookie of the Year Cited for Reckless Driving

Tyreke Evans, a Sacramento Kings player and 2010’s NBA Rookie of the Year, was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for driving at more than more than 100 mph in his black Mercedes S550 on Interstate 80.

Tyreke Evans

“NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans cited for Reckless Driving.” (photo credit:

According to the CHP, it appeared that Evans may have been racing with another car just before 7PM last Monday. Although the other car officials believed Evans was racing against got away, the basketball star was cited for reckless driving.

CHP officers also treated it as a felony stop (with guns drawn) as Evans’ front windows were tinted which is a violation of state law. Evans claimed he was en route to a barbeque in Westlake when he was stopped. He had a male passenger with him.

Evans may be fined and a 30-day suspension of his license may be imposed if convicted of reckless driving.

Evans manned up and apologized to his fans, team and family for driving too fast on the Sacramento Freeway. In his Twitter message, Evans wrote, “Apologies to fabs, the Kings and my fam for bad decision making. Driving is a privilege & speeding was a mistake. I’ve def learned my lesson.”

Evans told authorities that he did not realize how fast he was going.

Well, at least Evans stepped up and admitted his mistakes unlike other NBA players who are much less prominent but still drove drunk. Like all other young men his age, they are the ones who are mostly guilty of reckless driving and over-speeding. With a bright future ahead of this Rookie of the year, hopefully, he learns his lesson and drives safely.


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