Kylie Jenner Caught Over-speeding Months After Causing Car Crash in Calabasas

After causing a multiple vehicle collision in Calabasas last year, the Kardashian’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, was reportedly pulled over by a cop in Malibu for over-speeding recently.

According to recent news reports, the model was pulled over by a police officer in Malibu on the first Saturday of the year, for driving her pricey Mercedes Benz SUV too fast.

Kylie was subsequently ticketed and slapped with a fine for her traffic violation according to reports.

Image gives credit to Splash News.

Image gives credit to Splash News.

Incidentally, the said vehicle was the same car that Kylie was riding when she caused a multiple car crash in Calabasas last year. The unfortunate incident was in fact, only a few days after she obtained her driver’s license.

Speaking about her driver’s license, the brunette beauty passed her driving test a couple of days after her 16th birthday last August. Her parents, Bruce and Kris Jenner, gave her the fancy car as a present for her 16th birthday.

Last November, a similar scenario involving Kylie’s half sister, Kim Kardashian, occurred. Kim was reportedly pulled over by a cop for speeding. According to previous reports, the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s host was trying to evade paparazzi pursuing her car when she was pulled over.

Moving back with Kylie, in a photo of her taken from the actual incident of her apprehension, she looks a bit worried.

“For years, we have seen a lot of Hollywood celebrities who repeatedly got involved in different kinds of traffic mishaps as a result of being an irresponsible driver. Obviously, Kylie is too young and in fact, she is just at an early beginning of her career. Thus, she better think straight and not let her feeling of being too overwhelmed over her new high end vehicle and her driving privilege take over if she doesn’t want to ruin everything,” suggested by several motorcycle accidents attorneys.




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