Jessica Alba’s Smiling Solution to a Speed Ticket

They say that a smile is a powerful weapon; that you can even break ice with it. Well, in the hands of actress Jessica Alba, it’s potent enough of a weapon to get out of a traffic ticket.

Jessica Alab's Solution to a Speeding Ticket

Jessica Alba’s Smiling Solution to a Speed Ticket. (photo credit: celebrity gossip)

The lovely star was recently sighted speeding in Los Angeles and was pulled over by the authorities in Beverly Hills. Alba promptly stopped and rolled down her window, flashing her blindingly pretty pearly whites at the officer.

According to Alba, she was speeding to avoid paparazzi. But since the actress was all smiles and cooperative during the stop, the officer let her go with a warning instead of a traffic ticket.

The officer allegedly informed the former “Dark Angel” star that running away from the paparazzi is still no excuse to break the law.

While it’s true that no one should be held above the law, Jessica Alba’s smile is enough to stop traffic or a traffic ticket.

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car crashes which is why certain speed limits are imposed to minimize the risk of car crashes. Failure to obey the speed limit or drive in a reasonable speed can give rise to moving ticket violations.


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