Actor Shares Details About His Accident during X-Men: First Class Filming

As reported last year, the Scottish actor James Mcavoy revealed that he had nearly killed his co-star in a horrific accident during the filming of the X-men: First Class. However, other than that, no other details were released following his revelation.

However, during his recent interview with the hit motoring TV show in UK, Top Gear, the actor finally shared details about the terrifying accident to the show host Jeremy Clarkson.

During his interview, he told Clarkson that as he was operating the motorbikes with the side car racing with Michael Fassbender in the side doing the counter balance on about 17 miles per hour speed, the bike flipped. Subsequently, upon landing again, it caught so much traction, causing them both to be thrown forward.

They both landed into the back of a Lexus. But this did not bring conclusion in the incident. Mcavon further flew forward and smacked his face off the windscreen until he came to a stop on the ground 15 foot away from the actual scene. On the other hand, Fassbender likewise flew forward making his shins to spill out enormous blood flow.

Both actors played a significant role in the 2011 American Superhero film based on the Marvel Comics’ X-men characters, the X-men: First Class. McAvoy played the role of ‘Professor X’ while Fassbender portrayed the role of ‘Magneto’.

Apparently, this is the first time that the actor disclosed details about the said incident. Fortunately, nothing fatal occurred during the accident. Incidentally, in his years of experience, the Los Angeles injury attorney herein witnessed many incidences of wrongful deaths that occurred during dangerous movie stunts whilefilming. Therefore, the two were very lucky for surviving that awful accident without any severe complications, he claimed.

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