Pedestrian Hit by Russell Brand Demands for Hundred of Dollars

A few months ago, comedian and movie actor Russell Brand reportedly hit a pedestrian; and now, he may be facing a hundred-dollar lawsuit following victim’s claims.

Accordingly, the man who was claiming that he have been hit by the English comedian drove into him at Los Angeles in sometime in January, 2012, is now seeking for hundred of dollars in his lawsuit, reports confirmed.

In his lawsuit, Victor Sneed, claims that he has already shelled out $45,000.00 in his medical expenses and will be paying for another $140,000.00 for future surgeries as a result of the injuries he sustained from the said incident. As a result of this, he is seeking for a total of $850,000.00 in damages.

Incidentally, in earlier reports, although it claimed that Sneed incurred personal injuries and damages to properties following the alleged pedestrian accident, it did not revealed the extent of his injuries. In addition, the victim was only seeking for $25,000.00 in damages upon filing the lawsuit. However, the said amount is, in fact, has now tripled.

On the other hand, Brand’s party simply told media sources that he is not to blame for the incident.

Apparently, despite Katy Perry’s former husband’s denial, the said lawsuit continuously move forward and in fact quickly incurring a little staggering amount in a few months time. In such scenario, Brand can even expect if to be at its higher monetary relief sooner as long as no settlement has been raised yet by any of the parties involved, said by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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