Entertainer Nancy Hays Recounts How She Survived Horrible Car Accident

Earlier this year, as most of the country’s regions were being overwhelmed by the unusual polar vertex, entertainer Nancy Hays commemorated the year being overly grateful for escaping a horrible car accident that almost claimed her life early January.

Several weeks following the accident, the Norwood Park entertainer has finally gained courage to recount her horrifying car crash experience on an icy roadway.

Hays blamed her extreme dedication to her career for the incident. She narrated that she was home-bound, driving alone on the night of January 9 along an Indiana expressway, when her car skidded on ice and flipped over.

According to Hays, she was sliding towards the three right lanes of the road where she saw several other vehicles. She thought that she might kill other people if she would continue to slide. Thus, she made one brave decision in her life: she quickly swerved to the left lane. As a result, she totally lost control of her vehicle, which eventually flipped over the guard rail and onto the southbound side of the highway.

Image gives credit to DNA Info, Chicago.

Image gives credit to DNA Info, Chicago.

Fortunately for Hays, she escaped the incident unscathed. Thanks to seatbelt and air bag.  The only injury she had was the cut on her left hand that she sustained from the car’s broken window as she exited the vehicle.

She was also grateful to the three United Parcels Service (UPS) drivers who immediately rescued her after the crash despite the reeking of gas from the vehicle.

In an interview after the crash, the drivers described the incident as unbelievable since they thought that the car would explode into flame but it did not.

That is really an incredible car crash story. It’s a good thing it doesn’t hail snow much in Los Angeles. One best piece of advice from our injury attorney is not to drive at all during icy weather condition. If you can’t avoid driving in such weather condition, at least make sure that your car is well prepared and that you know how to handle the road conditions.


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Cops Lied? Surveillance Cam Captures No High-speed Drag Race in Bieber’s Case

Justin Bieber mug shotA few days following Justin Bieber’s highly publicized arrest, surveillance cameras obtained from the incident apparently negate the police’s statements regarding the Canadian pop star’s arrest.

Bieber was arrested in Miami last Thursday for allegedly engaging in a high-speed drag racing, driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, as well as for resisting arrest, authorities say.

According to authorities, Bieber registered a .04 blood alcohol content (BAC) level. Unfortunately for the young man, he was in Florida, which has zero tolerance for underage drunk drivers.

Bieber has also admitted in his statements that he had consumed some alcohol, been taking marijuana, and had consumed prescription medicine, the official told media sources.

However, based on a video taken from the surveillance camera, it was revealed that there was no high-speed drag racing that occurred.

In the video footage, Bieber’s yellow Lamborghini is leading while the singer’s pal, Khalil, drives behind him in his red Ferrari.

The video shows that it was a single file driving at a reasonable speed. In fact, the video also shows an SUV on the other lane preventing any passing. Thus, drag racing is close to impossible.

In addition, the video likewise shows a group of police tailing Bieber’s group for a few blocks.

Meanwhile, in a separate investigation conducted by media sources, it was further found out that the rental place where Justin and his buddies got the cars has GPS tracking devices installed. Based on the devices, both vehicles were doing 27 mph at the time of the arrest.

In some states and counties in the U.S., such as Los Angeles, underage drivers are subjected to stricter standards called the zero tolerance, which varies in all states. Usually, a BAC higher than .02 in minors is a ground for an automatic driver’s license suspension. “Thus, if you ever see Bieber driving around, it probably means that he is driving on suspended license,” jested by an auto accident attorney herein.

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‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Recovers from Coma after Bad Car Accident

Image gives credit to Rob Kim / Getty Images.

Image gives credit to Rob Kim / Getty Images.

After being comatose for 16 days, the ‘Orange is the New Black’ star, Michelle Hurst, has finally waked up according to recent news reports.

Hurst was placed in medically induced coma after incurring major injuries from a serious car accident that occurred just before the holidays. The procedure was done for the purpose of preventing any movement from the actress while doctors perform surgeries near her spine.

Fortunately, the procedure was successful since she has finally opened her eyes and slowly showing progress, the reports said.

As of this writing, Hurst is still at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of UNC Chapel Hill Hospital in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Meanwhile, reports claimed that an organization has set up a fundraising web page for Hurst to help her with her hospital bills. Also, her other co-stars in ‘Orange is the New Black’ drama series like Natasha Lyonne and Matt McGorry are using social media to ask their fans and followers to cast their donations to her cause.

Recent reports have it that the donations have actually reached a total of $12,256 as of January, 17.

So far, details surrounding the actress’ car crash are still unclear. Thus, several attorneys from our Los Angeles injury law firm hope for fast and successive recovery of the actress so that authorities can soon determine who is to blame for the incident.



New California Traffic Laws in 2014

As the 2014 starts, several big changes to the California traffic laws have kicked in as well.

The new laws are now being implemented by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Thus, our motorcycle accident law firm is giving drivers a heads-up about the big changes.

Here are the summaries of some of the new traffic laws that have taken into effect as early as the first day of this year:

new traffic laws
More space for bicyclists

Under the new law called AB1317 or Three Feet for Safety Act, all motorists passing a bicycle in the same direction are required to give the bicyclist at least 3-foot clearing. By September 16, motorists who will be caught passing too close to a bicycle could be fined, regardless whether there was a collision or none.

Teen drivers

Under the new law known as SB 194, drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using electronic wireless devices to write, send or even read text messages while behind the wheel, even if the device is equipped with a hands-free feature like the Apple’s Siri.

High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

Under the two laws: AB 266 and SB 286, low-emission or zero-emission vehicles like hybrid cars can still continue using high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes without the need to meet the federal occupancy requirements until January 1, 2019.

Hit-and-run drivers search

Under the new law known as AB 184, the previous three year statute of limitations for hit-and-run offenses has been extended to six years from the date of the crash that causes wrongful death and permanent or serious personal injury.

Search warrants for DUI suspects

This is just an amendment to the existing law. According to the newly amended SB 717, a driver who refuses or failed to complete a blood test can be served with a search warrant to draw blood in a clinically approved manner. This law has been in fact, up since September 30, 2013.

Limousines’ emergency exits

In light of the series of fiery limousine crashes last year in the state, the new law known as SB 109 requires modified or extended limousines to have two rear doors and one or two internally removed rear emergency safety exits.



Kylie Jenner Caught Over-speeding Months After Causing Car Crash in Calabasas

After causing a multiple vehicle collision in Calabasas last year, the Kardashian’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, was reportedly pulled over by a cop in Malibu for over-speeding recently.

According to recent news reports, the model was pulled over by a police officer in Malibu on the first Saturday of the year, for driving her pricey Mercedes Benz SUV too fast.

Kylie was subsequently ticketed and slapped with a fine for her traffic violation according to reports.

Image gives credit to Splash News.

Image gives credit to Splash News.

Incidentally, the said vehicle was the same car that Kylie was riding when she caused a multiple car crash in Calabasas last year. The unfortunate incident was in fact, only a few days after she obtained her driver’s license.

Speaking about her driver’s license, the brunette beauty passed her driving test a couple of days after her 16th birthday last August. Her parents, Bruce and Kris Jenner, gave her the fancy car as a present for her 16th birthday.

Last November, a similar scenario involving Kylie’s half sister, Kim Kardashian, occurred. Kim was reportedly pulled over by a cop for speeding. According to previous reports, the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s host was trying to evade paparazzi pursuing her car when she was pulled over.

Moving back with Kylie, in a photo of her taken from the actual incident of her apprehension, she looks a bit worried.

“For years, we have seen a lot of Hollywood celebrities who repeatedly got involved in different kinds of traffic mishaps as a result of being an irresponsible driver. Obviously, Kylie is too young and in fact, she is just at an early beginning of her career. Thus, she better think straight and not let her feeling of being too overwhelmed over her new high end vehicle and her driving privilege take over if she doesn’t want to ruin everything,” suggested by several motorcycle accidents attorneys.


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UPDATE: Paul Walker’s Death, No Evidence of Mechanical Issue Found

Road BumpAfter almost a month of thorough investigation, authorities have officially announced that there was no clear evidence that the Porsche Carrera GT that the Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were riding encountered a mechanical problem before it crashed, which killed both men.

According to reports, the investigators have finally ruled out both mechanical issue and the debris on the roadways as factors to the fatal incident.

In a report released by the Associated Press, it claimed that a law enforcement official said that they are currently looking at speed and speed alone.

So far, the investigators already have a speed range at which they think the car was traveling before it crashed into a light pole and tree in Santa Clarita, just near Los Angeles, California. However, officials would not yet disclose any information until Porsche engineers arrive to California by next month to aide in extracting information from the onboard data collectors, which fortunately survived from the incident.

Fortunately, the said data recorders of the vehicle survived the blast despite the car exploded into flames and was totaled. If the device could produce usable data, it would be able to tell investigators whether Rodas was able to hit the brakes before the impact, seat belts are fastened and whether air bags were deployed.

Walker and Rodas were killed in a horrific car accident on November 30 after the vehicle that they were riding crashed into a light pole and a tree. Rodas was the one driving the sports car.

Apparently, the investigation would take longer since our resident Los Angeles County Sherriff officials are yet to wait for the automaker’s team of engineers in hope to determine whether the speed range that they have calculated using their own standard formula is the same with the data recorded in the car’s three data recorders.

For many of the actor’s fans, it is such a long wait as everyone is keeping an eye with the case’s every single progress. In fact, recent reports have it that his fans are recently rolling a petition to replace the name of the street where the actor died in an honor for their beloved actor’s death.

“Unfortunately, renaming a certain place can only push through with the support of the community. However, recent reports claimed that the place’s own residents strongly oppose the idea of renaming the street in light of the actor’s death. Thus, it is like far possible to happen,” explained by an auto accident attorney.


Paul Walker’s Death: Burning Porsche Video Footage May Reveal Escape Attempt


Image is a screenshot of a video posted on TMZ.

Few days after Fast and the Furious’ star Paul Walker died from a horrific car accident just near Los Angeles, several videos taken from the actual incident started to emerge.

Incidentally, in a close examination of one video that surfaced on the internet, the footage revealed an apparent shadowy image that seems to be flailing.

In a swirl of speculations, many believed that the image seen in the video for approximately 23 seconds is Walker attempting to escape the Porsche that was then being engulfed in flames.

Moreover, law enforcements themselves seem like they aren’t totally convinced that Walker didn’t attempt to flee from the wreck. Apparently, the only thing that they are absolutely confident with is that Rodas was indeed unable to move after the collision.

On the contrary, in a recent report released by the Law enforcement, it claimed that there is strong evidence that suggests that Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, never had the chance to escape from what the witnesses described as a massive inferno because they were both killed right from the impact of collision. Also, investigators contest that Walker’s body was in an area of the car where flailing outside the car is impossible.

As for the image in Paul Walker’s car crash scene, it appears to be a part of the vehicle’s roof burning according to the law enforcements as evidenced by the proofs taken from the accident scene.

Based on autopsy report released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, Walker died from both traumatic and thermal injuries he sustained after the Porsche Carrera GT that he was riding with his friend Rodas veered off the road, crashed into a tree and burst into flames in Santa Clarita, California last November 30. Meanwhile, autopsy report also revealed that Rodas died from multiple traumatic injuries as a result of the impact. Burning is not a factor to the latter’s death.

So far, it’s not yet clear whether Porsche’s product malfunction is still being considered as a factor to the incident. It could be remembered that in previous reports surfaced a few days following the tragic incident, ‘Always Evolving’, the auto shop that owns and stores the sports car, blamed the two men’s death to Porsche’s product malfunction based on their own separate investigation.

Apparently, although it is more than a week after the beloved actor’s death, his fans still mourn his lost. Last weekend, thousands of his fans gather for a rally in his honor in Los Angeles, just near the site where Walker died. “What I thought would be a rally that would probably trigger people to drive recklessly turned out as a solemn assembly. It’s amazing how he did it to thousands of his fans. The memory he left in their hearts must be so precious,” said the car crash attorney.


2013 Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away, everybody in Los Angeles seems overwhelmed and overly excited for the upcoming feast.


Generally, people from all walks of life, even our Hollywood celebrities, always find time to get along with their family and friends on this special occasion to celebrate and give thanks.


Thus, our group of elite car accident lawyers in Los Angeles wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, they want to remind everyone to put safety first while enjoying the feast.


See some tips to stay safe behind the wheel throughout the long weekend:


Don’t drink and drive

Usually, parties are everywhere during the Thanksgiving Day. It may seem fun to have a few drinks. But once you’ve had enough of alcohol in your system, it is absolutely safer to leave your car and call a cab or designate someone who won’t be drinking to drive you home. It pays well to plan ahead before taking your first shot. Remember, based on statistics, Thanksgiving is one of the deadliest days on the road.


Buckle up

So personally, you aren’t drunk or sober while behind the wheel. But you aren’t still guaranteed that you’ll be a hundred-percent safe on the road since a lot of drunk drivers could be possibly challenging the traffic laws. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. Always wear your seatbelt. According to recent statistics, about 70 percent of all injuries and fatalities during Thanksgiving weekend are caused by the injured parties not wearing seatbelts.


Have a re-route plan

For many, Thanksgiving, which usually starts as early as Wednesday, is an extremely busy weekend to travel. As always, expect traffic jams, long delays on airports and freeways. As you anticipate the said circumstances, plan ahead of time. It is either you make a re-route or make your travel schedule accordingly.


5 of the Popular Celebrities who Died in Horrific Car Crash

Celebrities getting involved in car crashes are just a usual scenario nowadays. It can be due to their fault – driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or intoxicating substance, or could also be due to other people’s negligence.

Unfortunately, not all celebrities who got involved in car accidents have survived. While some escape the incident unscathed, some incurred minor to severe injuries, while others were left lifeless.

Over the years, somewhere in Los Angeles, several injury attorneys therein have witnessed numerous incidents of fatal car crashes that involved some of the world renowned celebrities.

Here are some of the most renowned celebrities who were killed in horrific vehicle accidents:


James DeanJames Dean

In 1955, the ‘Rebel without a Cause’ actor was killed in an afternoon crash of September 30. According to previous reports, Dean and his friend was earlier caught over-speeding in his Porsche 550 Spyder the same day that he was struck by another driver who suddenly made a left turn at an intersection in Cholame, California. It was a head-on collision. As a result of which, Dean was nearly decapitated and incurred severe internal and external injuries.

Following his death, his car was dubbed as ‘Little Bastard’, since the curse of his vehicle lived on even years after the actor’s death. Up to present, the mystery behind the wretched vehicle remains unsolved.


Jayne MansfieldJayne Mansfield

In 1967, the said 1950s sex symbol was killed in an early morning accident of June 29 after the 1966 Buick Electra 225 that she was riding ran into the back end of an insecticide truck.  Reports said that Mansfield was with her three young children, her boyfriend, and a driver when the incident occurred. The children survived the incident while Mansfield, her boyfriend and the driver died. Police reports revealed that the bombshell was decapitated from the incident.
Princess DianaPrincess Diana

In 1997, a tragic car crash also claimed the life of the one of this world’s beloved icons. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash along with his friend, Dodi al-Fayed, and the chauffer, Henri Paul. The princess’ friend, Trevor Reed-Jones, was only the survivor of the incident. According to reports, the car that they were riding was speeding when it entered the Paris’ Alma tunnel to allegedly avoid paparazzi.  When the royal car veered to pass a car ahead, it lost control and crashed into the tunnel’s wall. Subsequently, when the chauffer tried to regain control of the car, it slammed into the reinforced concrete dividing pillars. The car subsequently bounced back and spun around before eventually coming to a stop, leaving a mangled vehicle.


Princess Grace of MonacoPrincess Grace of Monaco

In 1982, the actress-turned-princess lost her life after she lost control of the Land Rover that she was driving. Her youngest daughter was a passenger of the said car as well when it went out of control as it was negotiating hairpin turns and doors scraping the mountain side on their way to Monaco. The vehicle eventually went over the edge, rolled down the embankment before hitting piles of rock.

Follow-up investigation has revealed that the princess suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel. Media sources claimed that Princess Grace and her daughter were allegedly arguing before the fatal incident.


Lisa LopeLisa Lopess

In 2002, the former TLC band member likewise died in a horrific car crash. News reports claimed that Lopes was driving a rental car in Honduras when the vehicle engaged in a head-on collision. The car lost control and began rolling. As a result, Lopes was ejected and thrown out of the window of the vehicle that he was driving. She died from head injury.

Incidentally, the entire incident was caught on tape since the camera was rolling at the time of the accident. In fact, the horrifying video and controversial autopsy were said to be available online according to media sources.



Mayim Bialik Finally Files Lawsuit More than a Year after Car Crash

Image gives credit to Giulio Marcocchi / Startraks.

Image gives credit to Giulio Marcocchi / Startraks.

More than a year after Mayim Bialik was reportedly injured from a car accident in Los Angeles, California, the Big Bang Theory star is now reportedly taking legal actions in connection to the said traffic mishap.

According to recent news reports, Bialik filed a lawsuit after sustaining severe injuries in her hand from the 2012 car crash.

It could be remembered that back in August 2012, Bialik was struck by a Mustang that was turning left in Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles as she was driving her white Volvo.

Previous reports claimed that Bialik sustained severe lacerations on her left arm and her thumb was suffered from severe cut as a result of the crash.

In the lawsuit she filed against the Mustang’s driver who was said to be a tourist and the key people of the rental car company that owns the car, Bialik claimed she suffered nerve damage in the incident.

She is now seeking for unspecified damages, which includes lost wages.

“That must be a staggering amount of lost wages considering that the Emmy awards nominee actress is currently starring on NBC’s “Blossom” at the time of the incident. As for the tourist, that driver probably learned his or her lesson now. The tourist should have been extra cautious in exploring the busy streets of Los Angeles,” said by an automobile accident attorney.


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