”Big Time Rush” Star Injured in Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident

Photo gives credit to Blue Fly website.

The “Big Time Rush” star, Logan Henderson, was reportedly injured following a motorcycle accident that occurred more than a week ago in Los Angeles, California.

According to news reports, Henderson was driving his motorcycle through the city when a car abruptly made an unsafe  right turn in front of him. As a result of which, he was prompted to swerve to avoid the collision.

Unfortunately for Henderson, he lost control of his  motorcycle and was tossed to the ground. Nevertheless, the injuries he sustained were only minor. In fact, he managed to walk from the scene having only minor cuts and bruises on his back.

Following the incident, he thanked his pricey Marc Jacobs jackets for saving his back from serious injuries.

Meanwhile, luck apparently did not favor Henderson’s bike since it is now being fixed in the shop close to the accident scene for the damages it incurred from the incident.

In some instances, the extent of the injuries that a motorcycle accident victim may sustain could greatly affect him or her physically and emotionally. Therefore, in such events, having the best personal injury lawyers to represent the case is one’s best option.

Incidentally, in a statistical report by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) of the U.S. Department of Transportation, it revealed that some 4,309 motorcyclists died in motorcycle accident for a single year alone. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are loss of balance, reckless driving, and road hazards.

In such regard, motorcyclists would surely do well to exercise extreme caution whenever they hit the road. With the right traffic discipline and the proper safety riding gears, the risks of suffering from a debilitating or fatal motorcycle crash can be significantly lowered.

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