“Teen Mom” Star Amber Portwood Facing 2 – Years Behind Bar After a Vehicle Accident

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is in great trouble yet again and more likely to spend holidays in jail after a vehicle accident.

In a news reports, Amber was caught in a vehicle accident at Anderson, Indiana last December 16. She struck into a 2003 Saturn as the other driver was pulling into his driveway.

Apparently, Amber was tailgating and her mind was off the road. Under the federal law, drivers must stay behind in a safe distance. Reports state that she was unaware of that law that a driver must keep distance from the vehicle ahead.

Amber’s defense to the apprehending police officers was that the other driver slammed on his brakes and made a swift turn.

Police report said that Amber was at fault. She admitted that she was driving while under medications when the accident happened. However, she refused to submit a drug test.

Last year, Portwood spent the holidays on jail for domestic battery charges and this year, she will be celebrating the holidays once more in jail without bond until the hearing next year.

Amber has been in rough circumstances over the past months. She was convicted in June for assaulting her ex – fiancé Gary Shirley to whom she has a 3 – year old daughter, Leah.

In November, she was accused of battery, failing other terms of her probation and public intoxication in connection with her previous brawl.

The worst part is that she just officially lost custody of her daughter – Leah after the Indiana’s Child Protection Services had closed its investigation about whether or not Amber was a fit mother.

Portwood’sVehicle accident was her latest offense from a series of violations.This serves as a wake-up call for her and to the authorities that she is slowly being a threat to herself as well as to the society.



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