The ABC’s of BAC

While it is indeed the season to be jolly, HollywoodCrashes would also like to remind its readers that a little more caution and prudence should be exercised, especially when faced with alcoholic beverages during the celebration.

Blood alcohol content (BAC)  is the concentration or the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood and levels may vary from person to person because of their gender, weight and body mass.

While the State of California’s legal limit is .08 percent, different effects are already produced by the following levels of BAC and can impair the following:

0.01–0.029 percent – No noticeable impairment but subtle effects can be detected by special tests.

0.03–0.059 percent – Impairs alertness, judgment, coordination and concentration.

0.06–0.10 percent – Impairs reflexes, reasoning, depth perception, distance acuity, peripheral vision and glare recovery.

0.11–0.20 percent – Impairs reaction time, gross motor control, causes staggering and slurred speech.

0.21–0.29 percent – Causes severe motor impairment, loss of consciousness and memory blackout.

0.30–0.39 percent – Impairs bladder function, breathing and heart rate.

0.40 percent – Can cause unconsciousness or death.


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