DUI Chair is Back for Grabs

The infamous La-Z-Boy mobile was suddenly cut off from auction due to a battle over its name “La-Z-Boy DWI Chair” as the La-Z-Boy Corporation complained of trademark infringement.

The auction was at $43,100 and rising when eBay received a demand letter from the corporation itself. So eBAy had to pull the chair out from the bidding.

However, after issue on the chair’s name had been ironed out, the chair was finally back on eBay this time described as “racing chair”.

The motorized racing chair was being auctioned off by the Proctor Minnesota Police Department. All benefits would go to the local taxpayers.

Sadly, Dennis LeRoy would not see a cent of the profits. But the sale would operate to remove one of Leroy’s DUI charges which was not bad after all.

For motorized chair enthusiasts, do not miss your chance to bid for it. FYI, a new La-Z-Boy chair costs only $700.


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