Blood Alcohol Level Guide: How Many Drinks ‘Til You’re Drunk?

In the spirit of the season, Hollywoodcrashes will be posting an important guide in determining your blood alcohol content as the deluge of Christmas parties coming your way will doubtless be overflowing with booze.

We strongly discourage drunk driving and knowing how to estimate your BAC can be a life-changing event as the amount of alcohol you have would proportionally increase your risk of getting involved in a car crash when you drive.

For some, even two bottles of beer can impair a person’s driving skills as the effects of alcoholic drinks vary greatly because the rate of absorption would be affected by factors such as weight, amount of fat tissue, and stomach contents.

To check how many drinks you can consume before you get buzzed, here’s a table for both men and women as well as the level of BACs which would affect your driving skills.


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