[UPDATE] Cops Didn’t Lie; Justin Bieber Hit 136 mph in His Rented Lamborghini Hours Before His DUI Arrest

It could be remembered that more than a couple of weeks ago, a controversial video showing that there was no high-speed drag racing that occurred involving Justin Bieber and his pals emerged, creating a wide speculation that cops may have lied regarding the Canadian pop singer’s arrest.

In the said video obtained from the surveillance camera hours before Bieber’s arrest, it was revealed that the Canadian pop singer and his friend, Khalil, were not drag racing. In fact, it was only a single file driving where Bieber’s rented yellow Lamborghini was seen leading among the group of vehicles while Khalil was driving in a red Ferrari behind him.

Image gives credit to Dasha / FAMEFLYNET PICTURES.

Image gives credit to Dasha / FAMEFLYNET PICTURES.

The video also showed an SUV on the other lane preventing any vehicle from passing. Thus, drag racing is indeed impossible at that time. Even the GPS tacking device installed at the rented vehicles supported the video. Based on the devices, both vehicles were only at 27 mph at the time of the arrest, previous reports said.

Subsequently, more than a couple of weeks after the surveillance cam footage emerged, a reliable media source has finally obtained the full GPS speed readout for the entire evening when Bieber was arrested.

The readout’s highlight is when Bieber was on the Julia Turtle Causeway in Miami Beach at around 1:23 AM, he was clocked at 108 mph to 136 mph. He proceeded at a night club and stayed there for an hour before driving away.

Most probably, the cops already knew it that he was speeding earlier in the evening and just waited for their turn to make their move.

So far, prosecutors in Bieber’s misdemeanor DUI case are still searching for witnesses including his girlfriend Chantel Jeffries, while cops remain mum over the issue.

Meanwhile, as for Bieber, media sources have further claimed that his lawyers are currently asking the court to prevent the police from releasing any more video footage taken from the singer’s arrest without showing it to Bieber’s camp.

Their request came after an alleged embarrassing video in a jail cell surfaced last week. In the said video, Bieber was seen getting patted down, stumbling around for several times while he was taking various tests and while urinating in his holding cell.

“Unfortunately for Bieber, this is probably the cops’ way of hitting back to him after they have been accused of being dishonest,” jested by a Los Angeles personal injury defense attorney.


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