Stephanie Pratt’s Excuse: I’m Wearing High Heels Not DUI!

Here’s another update on the whole Stephanie Pratt driving under the influence debacle.

After prattling about how the DUI arrest was a blessing, the TV reality show starlet who was missing in court had her lawyer enter a not-guilty plea on her behalf to a misdemeanor DUI count.

According to Attorney Jon Bryant Artz, Pratt was not driving drunk or in an impaired manner and was only pulled over because of her tinted windows.


Further, in what would be a novel DUI defense, Atty. Artz alleged that the only reason why Pratt failed her field sobriety test was because she had a difficult time negotiating the course in her 4-inch-heeled boots.


(Of course, the lawyer failed to mention the fact that in two breathalyzer tests, Pratt blew a BAC of .08 and .09 which is above the legal limit.)


Atty. Artz however told the judge that Pratt is willing to serve a 30-day stint in live-in rehab, to avoid driving until she gets a license and to refrain from drinking on her own recognizance.


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