Stephanie Pratt’s DUI Arrest is a Blessing

Following her DUI arrest in Los Angeles last October, The Hills Stephanie Pratt has called her entire ordeal a “blessing”.

According to the reality TV actress, although it was the worst thing that could have happened to her, it became her biggest blessing as she has learned a lot from the experience.

(Pratt was arrested and jailed at 3:45AM after celebrating Holly Montag’s birthday party at Empire, a Los Angeles club. She was bailed out later on in the morning around 11AM.)

The 23-year old said that she learned not to fall apart and not only has she gotten closer to her parents, she also found a business partner for a handbag line she’d always dreamed of launching.

Pratt, who blew a BAC of .08 and .09 in her two breathalyzer tests may face up to six months in jail and a fine between $390 and $1,000 if convicted of DUI.


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