Reality TV Star Busted For DUI

Stephanie Pratt, a mainstay on MTV’s reality show about young people in Los Angeles, was recently arrested for driving under the influence in Van Nuys.

The 23-year old “The Hills” actress was arrested at 3:45 in the morning and she apparently came from Empire, a Los Angeles club where her other Hills co-star, Holly Montag’s celebrated her birthday.

Stephanie has previously admitted to abusing and being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

She was released later on that morning on a $5,000 bail.

Reality TV doesn’t get any more real than Stephanie’s ordeal—she is part of the growing statistics of women who drive drunk.

She’s pretty lucky compared to some drunk moms who made the headlines who not just crashed the car but also killed her kids and taken her own life. Her driver’s license should be suspended and she should get proper treatment for her addiction to drugs and alcohol instead of just talking about it.


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