NFL Player Shaun Rogers Helps Keep Drunk Driver Off the Road

Not all celebrity related car crashes and DUI are bad news, take for example, the heroic feat pulled off by National Football League (NFL) Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Shaun Rogers.

Shaun Rogers Heroic Motorist

NFL Player Shaun Rogers Helps Keep Drunk Driver Off the Road. (photo credit: gettyimages)

Rogers, who is no stranger to brushes with the law, was thanked by the local police chief after he called 911 and helped the police arrest an erratic drunken driver.

Rogers was driving south on Interstate 71 in Middleburg Heights when he spotted a car which kept swerving off the road and was driving on a flat tire. He told the dispatchers that the occupants of the car appeared to be either very sleepy or drunk and followed the car which pulled over near the exit to Pearl Road.

Since the back of the car was sitting partially in the fast lanes of the highway, Rogers pulled up behind them in his pick-up truck and turned his emergency lights on to warn the other drivers.

The driver of the car, 20 year old John Nykiel from Euclid was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and operating an unsafe vehicle. His passenger, Mark Palermo, was charged with underage consumption.

In the letter sent to Rogers, Police Chief John Maddox thanked the football player for his initiative in taking a drunk driver off the road which ensured road safety and avoided any accidents.


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