Mankato News Anchor Arrested for DUI Charges

The Mankato CBS – Annie Stensrud, a Fox affiliate reporter, gained fame on YouTube for her “drunken broadcast” earlier this month. Recently, though, she got involved in yet another alcohol-related incident; this time, a car accident.

An anonymous person called the North Mankato Police Department Wednesday morning last week and reported an intoxicated person leaving a Roe Crest Drive residence in a vehicle. The person later on described the vehicle to the authorities.

Police officers immediately responded to the area and stopped the said car as described by the anonymous person. The County Sheriff Deputy recognized that the car’s driver they were hunting down was that of the news anchor, Annie Stensrud. She was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence where she was taken custody at the Nicolette County Jail. She refused to take a breath test and was instead given a urinalysis test, which resulted into a .23 BAC (blood-alcohol concentration). However, hours later, Stensrud was released from the county jail.

In her statement, Stensrud said that she was not drunk but rather ill. She stated that her body was having a bad reaction to her medication for her illness. Since it is a personal matter, the station did not give any further comment on the incidents.

Stensrud was really steadfast on stating that she did not commit any traffic violation that’s why she was not eligible for any DUI charges.

Stensrud was famous for her “drunken broadcast” that trended on YouTube where she mumbled and stumbled while covering the news. She even slurred her way through some stories until the KEYC Mankato network cut her news broadcast off immediately. However, neither she nor the network ever formally confirmed whether the news anchor was drunk or not, but everyone speculated that she was indeed drunk because of her blurry eyes and mixed-up words.



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