Female TV Stars Arrested for DUI

A reality show star from VH1’s series “You’re Cut Off” is certainly living up to her reputation even before her season has started.

Jennifer Jowett, a 28-year old cast member for the show about reforming spoiled rotten girls was busted for driving under the influence (DUI) in West Hollywood at ironically enough, the same time her show was airing.

The reality show starlet, who is infamous for saying, “Ugly people annoy me” was initially pulled over for talking on the cell phone while driving. However, the officer noticed that her breath reeked of alcohol and conducted a field sobriety test.

It was reported by the authorities that Jowett performed poorly on the sobriety test and had to get tested on a breathalyzer.

The TV personality reportedly blew a .10 percent, which is above California’s legal limit of .08 percent and was arrested and jailed. She stayed in the station overnight before she was released at 8:00Am after bail was posted.

Her DUI arrest though, is hardly the last of her troubles. According to sources, Jowett is going out of control and has been involved in physical altercations with her fellow castmates.

In other news, a female TV star was also booked for DUI. “My Name is Earl” actress Jaime Pressly was arrested for driving under the influence when she blew a .22 percent – that is almost 3 times the legal limit. She was released after posting a $15,000 bail.


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