Dennis Quaid’s Good Decision and Near DUI

Dennis Quaid, who most recently played General Hawk in GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra, had an up close and personal encounter with actual law enforcement when he was almost cited for driving under the influence.


He was out with his wife, Kimberly Buffington for dinner at the Philippe Restaurant in West Hollywood. A police car pulled up alongside Quaid’s SUV and warned him not to drive. Apparently, Quaid had a few drinks.


The cop told him not to drive and Quaid acceded and went inside the restaurant back with the officer. They went out a few minutes later where a cab was waiting to take the actor and his wife home.


Papparazzi, who were outside where the incident occurred, joked about Quaid’s near DUI miss and about Mel Gibson.


Quaid’s good decision ought to set the bar for other celebrities, don’t drink and drive! None of you are above the law.


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