Cops Lied? Surveillance Cam Captures No High-speed Drag Race in Bieber’s Case

Justin Bieber mug shotA few days following Justin Bieber’s highly publicized arrest, surveillance cameras obtained from the incident apparently negate the police’s statements regarding the Canadian pop star’s arrest.

Bieber was arrested in Miami last Thursday for allegedly engaging in a high-speed drag racing, driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, as well as for resisting arrest, authorities say.

According to authorities, Bieber registered a .04 blood alcohol content (BAC) level. Unfortunately for the young man, he was in Florida, which has zero tolerance for underage drunk drivers.

Bieber has also admitted in his statements that he had consumed some alcohol, been taking marijuana, and had consumed prescription medicine, the official told media sources.

However, based on a video taken from the surveillance camera, it was revealed that there was no high-speed drag racing that occurred.

In the video footage, Bieber’s yellow Lamborghini is leading while the singer’s pal, Khalil, drives behind him in his red Ferrari.

The video shows that it was a single file driving at a reasonable speed. In fact, the video also shows an SUV on the other lane preventing any passing. Thus, drag racing is close to impossible.

In addition, the video likewise shows a group of police tailing Bieber’s group for a few blocks.

Meanwhile, in a separate investigation conducted by media sources, it was further found out that the rental place where Justin and his buddies got the cars has GPS tracking devices installed. Based on the devices, both vehicles were doing 27 mph at the time of the arrest.

In some states and counties in the U.S., such as Los Angeles, underage drivers are subjected to stricter standards called the zero tolerance, which varies in all states. Usually, a BAC higher than .02 in minors is a ground for an automatic driver’s license suspension. “Thus, if you ever see Bieber driving around, it probably means that he is driving on suspended license,” jested by an auto accident attorney herein.



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