Christina Aguilera Detained for Intoxication After BF is Busted for DUI

It looks like pop star Christina Aguilera’s having a pretty rough 2011 and if flubbing the lines to the national anthem at the Super Bowl and stumbling during a performance at the Grammy’s isn’t bad enough, her recent arrest probably is.

The 30-year old singer was apprehended by authorities in Los Angeles when her boyfriend, 25-year old Matthew Rutler was pulled over by a Sheriff’s Deputy after an “exhibition of speed”.

According to the authorities, the car driven by Aguilera’s boyfriend “burned rubber” and fishtailed onto the street, the noise was heard 100 feet which caused the cops to stop the car. When they smelled alcohol on the breath of Rutler, a field sobriety test was conducted and he was found to have a blood alcohol content level of .09 percent which is above the California’s legal limit of .08 percent.

On the other hand, the singer was arrested despite being only a passenger because she appeared to be too drunk to care for herself and had no driver to take her home. She was taken into custody on suspicion of being drunk in public and was held at the West Hollywood’s sheriff station.

The 5 foot 2 singer was said to not have understood where she was – to the point where she said she didn’t drive and that she didn’t even know where she lived. The star was released on a $250 dollar bail after an acquaintance picked her up.

Under the law in California, aside from making it unlawful to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol – deputies are actually allowed to detain intoxicated people for their own welfare until they sober up and without fear of prosecution afterwards.

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