Bobby Brown to Face Jail Time for His DUI Arrest

Photo originally owned by John M. Heller of Getty Images.

After pleading not guilty a month after his most recent driving under the influence (DUI) arrest, Bobby Brown was eventually sentenced with 55 days in jail.

According to news reports, Brown pled to contest to the charges given to him by the Los Angeles court. Aside from jail time, he was also required to complete an 18-month alcohol program. Also, he would be under probation for four years.

On March 20 of last year, he is required to submit himself into to jail and to start attending three AA meetings per week.

Brown’s conviction stemmed from his third DUI arrest. Previous reports revealed that Brown was pulled over by cops for driving erratically in Los Angeles streets. The apprehending officer even testified that he in fact, immediately smelled the strong odor of alcohol in him. In addition, he even failed to pass a series of sobriety tests given to him.

Way back in 1996, Brown had his first DUI arrest and then his second and third arrest occurred only last year, in March and in October to be exact.

Now, following his conviction, sources close to Brown told media that he is now considering rehab treatment again although he had been over it before. Brown’s party further disclosed that Brown anticipates that he would finally get rid of his alcohol addiction once he checked back in rehab since the first time he entered the rehab wasn’t that successful because he did not take it seriously.

Apparently, Brown learned his lesson this time. Hopefully, his daughter and her fiancé would learn from his fate as well, commented by several personal injury lawyers who have witnessed how the two wrecked their high-end cars.

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