No DUI Charges for Ms. Kerry

Not guilty!

Well, for driving under the influence at least.

According to the Los Angeles prosecutors, Sen. John F. Kerry’s eldest child and 36-year-old daughter, Alexandra Kerry will not be charged with DUI based on the lack of evidence.

Alexandra, a writer/director and producer was busted in Los Angeles in a traffic stop where officers detected signs that she was under the influence. However, in her blood alcohol level test, it was revealed that she had a .06 percent BAC which falls under the legal limit of .08.

In another statement however, Senator Kerry claimed that Alexandra was not pulled over for erratic driving but for an expired registration.

Further, the former presidential nominee said that his daughter regrets driving with an expired registration, and takes full responsibility for it but that it should not be aggravated by wrongful reports which state that she was driving drunk.


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