Driving Safety Skills Test


Are you a good defensive driver? Try and see for yourself. Good luck!

1. When is the proper time to fasten your seat belt?
When the car has started running
Before you leave a place with your car
While you are running and you noticed it

2. When driving at night, you avoid being blinded by headlights of approaching motorists:
By turning your headlights to high beam
By looking toward the right edge of the road
By wearing dark glasses

3. A small amount of alcohol can affect a person`s safe driving ability by reducing his/her:
Waking hours
Steering ability
Good judgment

4. Which is the best safety car equipment?
Lap and shoulder belt
Seat belt
All of the above

5. If you get a traffic ticket and you fail to appear in court, DMV will:
Increase your penalty
File a lawsuit against you
Suspend your driving privileges until you appear in court

6. Any child under the age of six and weighing less than 60 pounds must:
Ride in the back seat of the car
Be secured in a federally-approved child passenger restraint system
All of the above

7. Which statement is true:
It is fairly legal to leave a six-year old or younger child unattended in a car
It is illegal to leave a six-year old or a younger child unattended in a car
It is legal to leave a child provided it is locked

8. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks, even if the crosswalk is in the middle of the block.
Partly true, partly false

9. When two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither can pass, who must yield the right of way to the other vehicle?
The vehicle facing downhill
The vehicle going uphill
Anyone of them may choose

10. The maximum speed limit on most California highways is:
50 mph
60 mph
65 mph

11. When you tow another vehicle, a trailer or a truck, you must:
Drive on the right-hand lane only
Drive on the lane for slower vehicle
All of the above

12. Broken yellow lines mean:
You drive slowly, but passing is not allowed
You should follow the flow of traffic
You can pass if movement can be done safely

13. In the freeway, you signal your intention to exit in approximately:
5 seconds
10 seconds
Anytime you want

14. When parking downhill, your front wheel must be turned:
Toward the pavement or curb
Away from the side or curb
Straight, parallel to road direction

15. When you see an accident victim on the road, you:
Pass the scene and leave immediately
Stop and carry the victim to a hospital
Drive on to a safe lane and call for help