Keeping up with Maria Shriver

You can only wish you were this rich, or at least, be rich enough to hire your own driver so you can text and drink while riding a car.


Maria Shriver, the better half of California’s movie-star governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was recently caught using her cellphone while driving (cell phone use while driving is basically the new DUI).


As a solution to her repeat cell phone law violations, Gov. Arnold (who signed the law into effectivity in the first place) gave his Kennedy wife a driver.


Although Shriver has apologized for her much publicized cell phone use and even donated her favorite old cell phone to an abused women’s cause, a lot of people were upset over the fact she should have been setting an example for other Californians. In her most recent guesting at the Today Show, the hosts didn’t pull any punches over the debacle.


Folks out there who think getting out of driving while using a cell phone is as easy as donating an old cell phone, think again. Using a cellphone while driving is a misdemeanor, check out this link: (Maria’s Mistake: Cell phone use while driving blog)


So unless you’re rich and famous (or part of the Kennedy clan), better think twice before answering your cell phone while driving because you’re no Maria Shriver.


Angie Notes: Quite recently, California’s first lady again made the headlines when she parked her vehicle in the red zone which, according to the rules of the road in California, “No stopping, standing, or parking.” Oh Maria!


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