Hilton Heiress Hit with a Ticket for Cell Phone Use while Driving

If you live in California, you should be aware by now that there are actually three laws that limit and prohibit the use of wireless communications device A.K.A cell phones. Under California Vehicle Code Section 23123, all drivers are banned from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle while Section 23124 of the same code prohibits drivers aged 18 years old and below from using a cell phone or even a hands-free device while driving. The latest among these cell phone laws is the Wireless Communications Device Law which makes it illegal to write, send, or read a text while driving.

One of the Hilton heirs, Nicky Hilton, apparently, did not know any better. While driving around Beverly Hills in her black Range Rover, she was pulled over and ticketed when she was spotted talking on her cell phone while driving.

This actually isn’t the first time she committed the infraction of talking or texting while driving – she has even previously been caught on camera texting behind the wheel.

But since the penalty imposed for the violation of the cell phone law is merely a fine of up to $100, looks like getting busted for distracted driving isn’t really a big problem for the heiress.

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