Good Boys Gone Bad

There are only two male child stars who have become a household name – Haley Joel Osment and Macaulay Culkin. But did you know that aside from their respective star status, these two actors have something in common, an affinity for drugs and alcohol.

On September 18, 2004, the car Culkin was riding in was pulled over for speeding and improper lane change. However, when the car was searched, police found 17.3 grams of marijuana, eight Xanax pills and 16 pills of clonazepam.

The Home Alone star was charged with marijuana possession and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

Haley Joel Osment on the other hand, took a worse turn than Culkin on July 20, 2006. He was involved in a single car crash fueled by alcohol where he struck a brick mailbox and overturned his car.

The Sixth Sense star suffered a broken rib, fractured right shoulder blade, cuts and abrasions. He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and possession of drugs.


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