[UPDATE] ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Driving Recklessly Before Car Crashes

A week after the news about the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s fiery car crash have emerged, authorities have finally released the final investigation following the incident.

According to recent news reports, Sioux Falls police has revealed that Adam Lind was driving recklessly on a revoked driver’s license before his 2001 Corvette ZO6 plowed into a vehicle driven by an octogenarian woman, according to witnesses’ statements.

Nevertheless, the police have confirmed that alcohol and drugs were not a factor to the incident.

In our recent blog post, Lind was reportedly involved in a fiery car crash in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Previous media sources have it that based on the cops’ initial investigation, Lind was driving too fast before it slammed into a car driven by an 87-year-old woman with a 94-year-old passenger.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured from the incident. While the two elderly passengers of the other car were reportedly transported to the hospital for minor injuries, Lind on the other hand was pulled from his wrecked vehicle moments before it burst into flames.

Law enforcements have confirmed  that Lind has been charged with a total of five crimes aside from reckless driving and revoked driver’s license charges. Also, he has been charged for driving with a suspended driver’s license, and not having car insurance according to reports.

Under the South Dakota Car Insurance Law, a driver is required to have a proof of financial responsibility in order to lawfully operate a vehicle – and to establish such form of liability insurance, the most common way is to purchase liability insurance, noted by our Los Angeles car accident attorney.



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