Singer of Rap Group and Wife Killed in Motorcycle Accident

The lead singer of a Vallejo rap group N2Deep was killed along with his wife in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident.

The accident occurred in Vacaville on a Saturday evening when Joseph “Lofty” Davis Battle, 41, and his wife, Tamera Brown, 43, crashed from their motorcycle after allegedly failing to negotiate a turn and slammed into the back of a parked Chevy Avalanche.

According to the authorities, right before the accident occurred, they received a report of a motorcycle speeding and when they went to investigate, they found the Harley down along with Battle and Brown. Although members of the Vacaville Fire Department tried to save the lives of the couple, they were later on pronounced dead at the scene.

The accident took place just blocks away from the couple’s destination, a friend’s home where they had intended to spend the evening. They are survived by their two children.

According to the police, it appeared that Battle was travelling in excess of the street’s posted limit of 25 mph when the crash occurred.

Speeding is one of the leading causes behind solo-vehicle crashes and motorcycle accidents. While motorcycles are built for speed, excessive speeding can cause the motorcycle rider to lose control of his vehicle and get thrown off especially when making a sharp turn. Also, the faster a vehicle moves, the less time a rider has to react in time from avoiding a road hazard ahead or stopping safely when crossing an intersection.


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