Paul Walker’s Death: Burning Porsche Video Footage May Reveal Escape Attempt


Image is a screenshot of a video posted on TMZ.

Few days after Fast and the Furious’ star Paul Walker died from a horrific car accident just near Los Angeles, several videos taken from the actual incident started to emerge.

Incidentally, in a close examination of one video that surfaced on the internet, the footage revealed an apparent shadowy image that seems to be flailing.

In a swirl of speculations, many believed that the image seen in the video for approximately 23 seconds is Walker attempting to escape the Porsche that was then being engulfed in flames.

Moreover, law enforcements themselves seem like they aren’t totally convinced that Walker didn’t attempt to flee from the wreck. Apparently, the only thing that they are absolutely confident with is that Rodas was indeed unable to move after the collision.

On the contrary, in a recent report released by the Law enforcement, it claimed that there is strong evidence that suggests that Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, never had the chance to escape from what the witnesses described as a massive inferno because they were both killed right from the impact of collision. Also, investigators contest that Walker’s body was in an area of the car where flailing outside the car is impossible.

As for the image in Paul Walker’s car crash scene, it appears to be a part of the vehicle’s roof burning according to the law enforcements as evidenced by the proofs taken from the accident scene.

Based on autopsy report released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, Walker died from both traumatic and thermal injuries he sustained after the Porsche Carrera GT that he was riding with his friend Rodas veered off the road, crashed into a tree and burst into flames in Santa Clarita, California last November 30. Meanwhile, autopsy report also revealed that Rodas died from multiple traumatic injuries as a result of the impact. Burning is not a factor to the latter’s death.

So far, it’s not yet clear whether Porsche’s product malfunction is still being considered as a factor to the incident. It could be remembered that in previous reports surfaced a few days following the tragic incident, ‘Always Evolving’, the auto shop that owns and stores the sports car, blamed the two men’s death to Porsche’s product malfunction based on their own separate investigation.

Apparently, although it is more than a week after the beloved actor’s death, his fans still mourn his lost. Last weekend, thousands of his fans gather for a rally in his honor in Los Angeles, just near the site where Walker died. “What I thought would be a rally that would probably trigger people to drive recklessly turned out as a solemn assembly. It’s amazing how he did it to thousands of his fans. The memory he left in their hearts must be so precious,” said the car crash attorney.


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