Paparazzi Rear-Ends the Car of Michael Jackson’s Kids


When are those pesky paparazzi ever going to beat it?


It was a close call for Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket (AKA Michael Jackson’s kids) when an overzealous paparazzi out to undoubtedly splash their young faces on some tabloid hit their car.

Well, sort of. The paparazzi instead, rear-ended the security car trailing the vehicle carrying MJ’s kids. And of course, like any smart vulture, the pap took off before the police arrived at the car crash scene.


Fortunately, MJ’s kids weren’t hurt at all since there was a security car between them and the trailing paparazzi.


The fender-bender happened a few miles away from the Jacksons’ compound in Encino. They filed a hit-and-run report at 2:30 p.m.


Hmmm…here’s to hoping the Los Angeles authorities catch the fleeing paparazzi, they should make him pay for the damages and maybe charge him with child endangerment.


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