Oblivious Driver Collides with Lakers’ Devin Ebanks Outside LA Club

Photo is a screenshot of a video taken by TMZ.

Los Angeles Laker’s forward, Devin Ebanks, got involved in a car smashing incident outside a Los Angeles night club, reports said

According to media sources, an oblivious female driver smashed into the Mercedes sedan wherein Ebanks and a friend were riding last Sunday night. In fact, TMZ was able to obtain video of the loud collision.

Further reports confirmed that Ebanks and a friend just walked out from Greystone Manor and subsequently stepped into the passenger’s seat of the friend’s luxury car when the another car smashed into them.

Everything came very fast. In fact, both Ebanks and his buddy never saw it what really happened. Also, the lady on the other car seems like clueless as she blindly reversed.

As of the writing of this, it is unclear if Ebanks was injured, but according to TMZ, the collision resulted in more action than the bench player saw in the Laker’s short playoff run.  Other details are yet to be released following the incident. Most probably, to avoid attracting more witnesses and other media bodies, both parties simply exchanged insurance details thereafter.

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