Nancy Barry Killed in a Tragic Truck Accident in a Harvard Yale – Football Game

The Enterprise Solutions to Poverty founder and President Nanvy M. Barry tragically died in from a truck accident at the Harvard Yale Game.

According to reports, Nancy Barry was tailgating at the Harvard – Yale football game in New Haven, Connecticut when U – haul truck loaded with beer kegs struck Barry and two other women.

Barry and the two other women were immediately brought to the hospital. Barry was declared death upon arrival. The other 30 – year old woman was seriously injured but now in a stable condition while the third woman only sustained minor personal injuries.

The U – haul truck driver was identified as Brendan Ross, 21 – years old. According to witnesses, Ross was driving the truck by a tailgating area before the game began. When the vehicle turned a corner he sped up and hit the three women and then crashed into another U – haul truck.

It’s still unclear why the driver did this. However, one witness claimed that Ross pressed the pedal in annoyance because the women were not moving fast enough.

Ross underwent a field sobriety test after the collision. He has been cooperative and test result shows that he is not intoxicated. At this moment, Ross was not yet charged and there is a huge possibility that he wouldn’t be if proven that the accident was caused by something other than his mistake.

Ross together with his personal injury attorney is claiming that the accident is obviously as a result of vehicle malfunction. He also sent his condolences to Barry’s family.

Nancy Barry is the founder and president of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty. She was known as a global leader in creating finance and enterprise systems that work for the majority. She also became President of the Women’s World Banking since from 1990 to 2006. She was a very a nice woman according to her family and friends.

It was a tragic truck accident. Barry’s family and friends were in deep sorrow for the losing a very important person who touched their lives in a different ways.

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