Mysteries behind the Late James Dean’s Totaled Car Remains Unsolved

James Dean PorscheIn commemoration of the legendary actor James Dean’s 58th death anniversary, a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer recounted several unexplainable incidents surrounding the decedent’s totaled car.

To begin with, the American actor died in a horrific car crash on September 30, 1955. According to previous news reports, the actor failed to control his Porsche 550 Spyder away from another vehicle at a road crossing in Cholame, California.

Dean died from the incident. However, many believed even years after the fatal incident, the “curse” of his vehicle still lived on.

•    After the tragic incident that killed the legendary actor, the totaled car was bought by Hollywood’s renowned auto customizer, George Barris. Shortly after buying the wreck, Barris lost one of his legs. He subsequently sold some parts of the vehicle.

•    Incidentally, the engine was sold to a physician identified as Troy McHenry, who soon died from a tragic encounter with a tree along his way.

•    The vehicle’s transmission was sold to another physician, William Eschrid, who also had a road misfortune but luckily survived the incident despite serious injuries. Eschrid later claimed that his car suddenly locked up when he went into a curve.

•    Meanwhile, the two tires of the “cursed” car were sold to a young man, who according to previous reports also compromised his life after both tires suddenly blew out at the same time.

•    Also, a kid, who was trying to steal the wrecked car’s steering wheel slipped and severely wounded one of his arms.

•    Subsequently, in an aim to put the car in good use, Barris eventually lent the wrecked car to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for a touring display to show the importance of automobile safety. However, a few days after, the garage that housed the car was burnt to the ground, destroying all vehicles that were parked inside except for the said car.

•    That still did not put an end to the curse. When the car was put on exhibit in Sacramento, California, it fell from its display and broke a teenager’s hip.

•    Well, there is more. As the wrecked car was being transported by a truck, the driver was killed when the wreck fell on him after he was thrown out from the truck by accident.

•    Until 1960s, the mystery surrounding the car continued. When the wreck was lent for another safety exhibit in Miami, Florida, the truck that was carrying it way back to Los Angeles mysteriously vanished. Up to these days, its whereabouts are not yet determined, leaving every mystery of its wreckage unsolved.

By the way, based on how previous reports described the car, it was actually called as the “Little Bastard”, with a number 130 on the front, back, left and right side of the car. It has a tartan on the seating.



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