Logano Back on the Race Tracks

Danger is imminent in the car racing profession. While it is left to people who are well-trained and skilled, accidents still happen on the race tracks.

NASCAR racer Joey Logano climbed back into his car for practice after his horrifying accident at Dover. The accident happened when fellow racer Tony Stewart hit Logano’s car from behind sending him spinning into the grass before darting back up the track and into the traffic then hit in the door by Reed Sorenson.

Logano was uninjured but the incident left him shaking. In an interview, he denied that what he felt was fear. He even clarified that he will stay on the race tracks for as long as he can. The checkered flag is on for Logano.

But some race drivers do not share the same fate as that of Logano. Debilitating injuries can result in a race crash. In case of a speeding car, death is also a foreseen consequence.

At one point, a person will be involved in a crash, professionally or not. The difference is that for professional car racers, the damages are borne by their handlers. In addition, no ticket is issued or fines are imposed.


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