Lindsay Lohan’s GF DJ Sam Ronson Injured in Los Angeles Bicycle Accident

Samantha Ronson, an English singer-songwriter and disc jockey but who is pretty much known as the controversial girlfriend of actress Lindsay Lohan, was recently involved in a bicycle accident in Los Angeles.

Ronson suffered injuries when she took a spill to avoid getting hit by a car and promptly posted her picture after getting stitches in the hospital in Twitter and even tweeted, “Wear a helmet kids!”

According to the 33-year old DJ, she had just finished a performance at a bar in Venice called The Brig and was on her way home when a car almost hit her. When she swerved out of the way, she fell on the pavement.

She clarified through her Twitter that she wasn’t drunk when the accident occurred and that she’s doing okay.

Bicycle and car collisions are one of the most common vehicular accidents. Studies further show that the likelihood for such types of accidents increase during nighttime because drivers or other motorists would have a difficult time spotting bicyclists on the road especially if they’re not wearing visible/colorful clothes and if their bikes have no reflectors.

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