Lawrence “The Big Blue Wrecking Crew” Taylor Arrested for Hit and Run

Lawrence Taylor, legendary hall of famer in the National Football League who was once dubbed “The Big Blue Wrecking Crew” for the New York Giants has been arrested for hit and run in Florida.


The 50-year old retired football player, who recently showed off his dancing prowess in Dancing With the Stars, told the authorities when he was arrested on a nearby parking lot that he thought he only hit the guardrail which was why he drove on.


However, according to the crash report, his white Cadillac Escalade struck a 1984 Ford van twice which smashed it into a guardrail. The front tire of his car, which was missing at the time of his arrest, was found at the scene of the accident.


Taylor, despite the bloodshot eyes, was not given a sobriety test as the police reported he showed no sign of drug or alcohol abuse and was coherent.

Police charged Taylor with leaving the scene of a crash and careless driving and was released on $500 bond.


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