Katie Price’s Fear of a Car Crash Death Because of Paparazzi Attention

Glamour model and English TV reality star Katie Price (who was also once famously married to singer Peter Andre, ring any bells yet?) in a recent interview revealed that she fears dying in a car crash like Princess Diana.

Kaite Price

Katie Price

Now why would she say that? One word: paparazzi.

The newlywed mother of three (she recently tied the knot this February with MMA fighter Alex Reid) claimed that it wouldn’t be a surprise if she died in a car crash because of the way the press always chases her.

(Hollywoodcrashes has observed that indeed, the way the paparazzi have been hounding celebrities lately seem to be heading that direction.)

But of course, all the media attention doesn’t stop Katie Price from seeking the limelight as she also has a new series of reality TV show, What Katie Did Next?

Of all the celebrity-paparazzi crashes, the most tragic was the death of Princess Diana whose Mercedes crashed while the photographers were chasing her just to take her picture.


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